Do woman that swallow seem happier?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, they do. It's better to swallow your food, than to throw it up. :)

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Q: Do woman that swallow seem happier?
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It is not clear in Kanye West is happier now that he's married. Though he does seem to have calmed down since he's been married.

Can a woman get pregnant if you swallow her breast?

Not from that - no.

Why should kids wear regular clothes?

because they feel comfortable and seem happier

Is it good to swallow a womens outcome?

If the woman has no STDs, it is ok.

Signs that he likes it when your around?

he will tell you. or will seem happier when you're around. or ask you to hang out with him more. or tell his friends about you.

Do men enjoy when you swallow their semen?

Some seem to have a bit of a hang up about it. other are not all that worried. It is good from the mans point of view if the woman is not worried about getting semen in her mouth though. The same as it is good for the woman to feel that the man has no negative feelings about her juices so to speak.

How do you use the word revamp on a sentence?

We've revamped our activity schedule and the residents at the nursing home seem much happier.

Why women are slightly happier than men?

i think women are happier than men because woman have more things fun to do than men and men are always the ones who have to work i guess

Is it safe for a woman to swallow semen whilst the man is having chemotherapy?

I think it is :)

Can a man swallow a woman's liquids?

as in making a woman wet? yes, wen a guy is eating her out, if he's doing it right then she'll cum and as he's all up in the slot it'll go in his mouth n he has no choice but to swallow it

Is swallowing woman's vaginal fluids good for man?

It's neither good or bad. Just like swallow semen for a woman.

Can a woman drink her husbands semen?

If you mean to swallow it, yes. There is nothing wrong with doing this.