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no it turns it pink

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Q: Can going from one potassium pill to two cause urine to turn yellow?
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Would cyst on kidney cause yellow urine?

urine is normally yellow.

Is the cause of Yellow Urine is Sugar in Blood?

no...cause of yellow urine is bilirubin & biliverdin..which r result of protein digestion

What causes yellow urine you are drinking plenty of water and it doesn't smell and you don't hurt?

Some vitamins and some soft rinks can cause urine to be yellow. The B vitamins often cause urine to be very yellow.

Can taking magnesium citrate cause your urine to be green yellow for a day after taking?

i have experienced personally that even few tablets of magnesia phos 6x can cause yellow to yellow green urine which were previously pale.

Am taking a antibiotic support does this cause yellow urine?


Can excess riboflavin cause bright yellow urine?


My son's eyes and urine have turned yellow what is the cause?

Urine is typically yellow. It sounds like jaundice and a doctor should be consulted quickly.

Does cyanocobalamin make urine bright yellow?

Both cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) and vitamin B2 can cause bright yellow urine.

How does ADH affect the concentration of potassium in urine?

Affects the concentration of potassium in the urine by controlling the amount of water in the urine.

Why can drinking to many sodas cause urine to be bright yellow?

Because soda dehydrates you

Why do you have yellow urine stains before going to the bathroom?

it works the same like wine

What color is a squirrel's urine?

It depends on the squirrel's diet. If it drinks more liquid it will be more dilute and clear. But if it's dehydrated or hasn't had much water, it will be more yellow in pigment.