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urine is normally yellow.

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Q: Would cyst on kidney cause yellow urine?
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What can cause Kidney pain and sticky urine?

Presence of kidney stone may cause kidney pain and sticky urine.

What can cause blood in the urine?

The most usual cause of blood in the urine is a kidney stone.

What would happen if the blood is not filtered?

If urine wasn't filtered in the kidney, the particles in the urine would cause your genitals to explode.

Would abdominal pains cause occult blood in urine?

A kidney stone ; see related link .

Is the cause of Yellow Urine is Sugar in Blood?

no...cause of yellow urine is bilirubin & biliverdin..which r result of protein digestion

What causes blood in the urine?

The most usual cause of blood in the urine is a kidney stone.

Can yellow dock cause side effects?

The side effects, especially if larger doses of yellow dock are taken, include diarrhea, skin eruptions, nausea, and vomiting. Kidney damage, characterized by blood in urine, decreased urine flow, and swelling of hands and feet

Can a kidney stone in the kidney cause clotting and blood in the urine?

Yes , you may have blood in the urine because the kidney stone has jagged edges . Blood in the urine is often an indicator/symptom of 'passing' a stone . (I would seek medical attention .)

What causes yellow urine you are drinking plenty of water and it doesn't smell and you don't hurt?

Some vitamins and some soft rinks can cause urine to be yellow. The B vitamins often cause urine to be very yellow.

What would cause urine to be brown?

It could just be from dehydration causing concentrated urine. Sometimes it is from a liver problem or bleeding. Simple tests done in the doctor's office can usually tell which it is.Dehydration or kidney disease can cause brown urine.

Your left kidney is small in size and not functioning and puss is also coming in your urine?

pus in your urine means infection. Many trhings can cause loss of kidney function.

Is producing urine in the kidney a Chemical change?

No. The urine is not produced in the kidney. The kidney is a filter.