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Q: Can excess riboflavin cause bright yellow urine?
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What is the harmful effect of riboflavin?

Riboflavin can cause your urine becomes more yellow color than the normal. However, it is not cause any harmful effects.

Can riboflavin supplements cause side effects?

Taking supplemental riboflavin causes a harmless intense orange or yellow discoloration of the urine.

Does eating liver affect the color of urine?

No it cant cause it matters about how much water you drink and if you dont drink a lot of water your urine will turn yellow and if you do drink a lot of water then it should turn a pale-ish or plain color.

Does cyanocobalamin make urine bright yellow?

Both cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) and vitamin B2 can cause bright yellow urine.

Why can drinking to many sodas cause urine to be bright yellow?

Because soda dehydrates you

Why is your wee a bright yellow in color with no pain?

You need to drink more water. Aim (no irony intended) for a pale straw colour in your urine. Bright yellow is too undiluted and needs dilution by drinking more, Taking vitamin B supplements will also cause urine to be a bright yellow color - so if that is the case, no worries...

Does eating mushy peas cause bright yellow urine?

Yes most definitely. Had a two small tins today and was surprised at how yellow it actually was. It was like neon yellow. Freaky!!!!

Could drinking too much alcohol make your urine bright yellow?

Yeah, my best friend Danielle says she gets bright pee cause she's an alcoholic.

Will riboflavin cause a false positive screen for THC?

Yes, riboflavin is derived from hemp seed oil. hemp seed is the same substance that marijuana is.

Can photo therapy cause riboflavin deficiency?

yes , photo therapy causes deficiency of riboflavin, neonate need to be supplemented with this along with photo therapy. AI.

Why should you avoid using to much wax on flooring?

it's because the excess wax attracts more dirt and doesnt repell it.

Can B complex cause urinary problems?

Vitamin B complex doesn't normally cause urinary problems. It may cause the urine to turn bright yellow, but there shouldn't be any pain or other issues present.