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Yeah, my best friend Danielle says she gets bright pee cause she's an alcoholic.

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Q: Could drinking too much alcohol make your urine bright yellow?
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What could be wrong if you have been drinking only water for over 2 months and your urine is very bright yellow instead of becoming clearer?

Yellow is from protien. Bright yellow is OK. Dark yellow means you need to drink more water. Unless you feel bad somehow you sound OK to me. -------------------- If you are taking any vitamins or some medications, it can make your urine bright yellow.

Does throwing up bright yellow vomit mean there is something wrong with your gallbladder?

from my expirence i know that bright yellow vomit is cursed by high amount of seaman being digested and irritating the gull bladder this also could be from eating crabs. (not the sea version)A more logical solution could be from drinking alchol. if you drink alchol, such as vodka, daily your body will begin to discard the alchol from your bloodstream by making you throw up. and if you have an empty stomach, it is resulted in bright yellow bile.

Can Ketoacidosis cause a smell of alcohol in someone who is not drinking?

The actual odor is not alcohol, but could be mistaken for it.

What could drinking alcohol do to you?

it cuold kill you and you would go drunk

What is alcohol and why is it bad?

Alcohol is bad because u drink while driving and u could have a accident while drinking alcohol

Does kendall schmidt drink alcohol?

No He Does Not He Looks So Muscular and There Is no photo of Kendall drinking alcohol if there is it could be fake.

Can heavy alcohol drinking cause a kidney infection?

No. However, alcohol is a diuretic, and heavy drinking will insure that you are dehydrated. This can stress the kidneys and lead to problems that could include infection.

What if your color is yellow and how could you describe it to a person born blind?

You can say yellow is the color of the sun.It's bright,colorful,and smooth.

Can drinking alcohol worsen your HIV status?

Alcohol consumption is irrelevant to your HIV status, although it could cause alcoholism.

Why do your eyes water all the time could it be drinking alcohol?

May be infection. Not necesarily drinking

Can you die from a small amount of alcohol?

No, one can not die from a very small amount of alcohol. If the person drinking the alcohol is allergic they could possible die from any amount of alcohol.

After an auto accident you were administered CPR by someone who had been drinking then your blood test at the Emergency Room showed a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.13 How did this happen?

It could happen if you had been drinking alcohol.