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No. However, alcohol is a diuretic, and heavy drinking will insure that you are dehydrated. This can stress the kidneys and lead to problems that could include infection.

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Q: Can heavy alcohol drinking cause a kidney infection?
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Could drinking alcohol cause kidney pain?

Alcohol can absolutely cause kidney pain. It is likely the body's way of letting a person know that they have consumed too much and need to stop. Also, alcohol can aggravate kidneys that have stones in them.

How alcohol can affect your kidneys?

Drinking alcohol can help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Thats correct. How ever if you drink to muc alcohol it can cause kidney failure. this makes you go Yellow

Why does alcohol taste?

because of the chemicals used to distill it. alcohol such as drinking alcohol has ethanol in it and rubbing alcohol has isopropyl which is a poison that can fight infection. drinking isopropyl can cause a permanent drunkness that will destroy your liver because it can not be digested.

Does drinking to much cause a chest infection?

does drinking to much cause chest in fections.

Does drinking alcohol cause diverticulitis?


Can drinking alcohol cause you not to get pregnant?


What can cause constant kidney pain?

Kidney stones could cause this. An infection could also cause continuous pain.

Can a kidney infection cause you to get pus in your penis?


How do you cure kidney infection?

You go to a doctor and get antibiotics prescribed for you. A kidney infection is no joke. It can cause permanent damage to your kidneys.

What could cause you to have a black out?

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a person to have a black out.Another answerLack of food, fatigue, anemia, blood pressure, low blood sugar and high blood sugar, ear infection, sinus infection and yes drinking to much alcohol can also cause it. There are more but if you have had a black out and don't know how I would go to the doctor and get checked out.

Can drinking too much water cause kidney stones?

No. Drinking a lot of water helps prevent and pass kidney stones.

Will drinking alcohol cause birth defects?

"YES, drinking alcohol while being pregnant will cause birth defects and possible death. It can also cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrom."

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