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no. playing games will not make your comp slow. If you download a game that takes up alot of member then, probably your computer would get a little slower.

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Q: Will playing games make your computer slow?
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Will your computer always be slow when you have played game on it?

No. Installing and playing games on a computer only slows it down while you are playing them.

Can you still make an account on Maple Story because my friend says that after you download it it will not let you in it anymore is that true?

no it is not true either your friend has a slow computer or he is playing games with you. it might happen if you have a slow computer because you might type in something wrong or your computer might go koo-kooo

Does Smallworlds make your computer slow?

it depends on ur computer. well it does make ur computer a little bit slow

Are computer games were bad for computers?

Interesting question...Unless you beat your computer with a stick after playing a PC game which was too slow and your computer kept on freezing up a couple of times. Computer games are not bad, nor do they make any harm to your PC, except taking up your RAM memory and hard driver space, once you install it and start playing. If computer games, which are mere software applications, were bad, then all the created software for your PC would be bad and that is absolute nonsense.

Can internet games slow a computer down?

Yes, they can take up a lot of RAM and slow down a computer.

Will frost wire make your computer slow?

Often FrostWire does make your computer slow. It will be running in the background when you are downloading songs and this slows down the computer.

Why does your computer get slow when you play online games?

maybe because you have a slow Internet connection

Does NosTale make your computer slow?


Will 2conv make your computer slow?


Does Roblox make your computer slower?

no, it is a friendly game, it only makes it slower in the moment that you are playing if there is too much people playing, or if u have a copy tool, a noob copy and copy and make so much bricks that it gets lag, but when u get out of the game, everything slow goes away

How do you make roblox work on a slow computer?

Patience my young padawan. trust me. I have a slow computer too

Does ourworld toolbar make your computer slow?

No. it's pretty safe. Playing Ourworld, does make your computer slow, though. Especially if you have a Mac. The software it uses (Flash) slows down your comp, and downloads stuff onto your computer without you knowing. It's not harmful stuff, just memory, but it still takes up space, and the Flash program with Ourworld will make your comp slow if you play for a long time.