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Patience my young padawan. trust me. I have a slow computer too

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Q: How do you make roblox work on a slow computer?
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How do you make Roblox work on Windows 8?

Generally, Roblox should work on Windows 8. If it is not, the problem may lie in your computer. Make sure that the specifications of your computer meets the requirements that is needed to run Roblox and check that your computer have enough space on its hard disk. Also, check that there are no viruses on your computer. Then, you could either upgrade your computer by installing new video cards or processors depending on what is your computer lacking. However, if it is a laptop, you are out of luck because most laptops do not allow you to open it up and change the parts in it.

Does Roblox work on Windows 8?

Yes. As long as your computer meets the requirements for running Roblox, it should be able to run Roblox.

Is roblox on xbox 360?

ROBLOX is a Online Game for PC. It does not work on Xbox 360. But you can try to plug a Xbox 360 controller on you're PC then install alot of programs to make it control ROBLOX. But roblox will still appear on you're Computer Screen, not on TV. And it will run on the Computer too (Meaning that if you're computer lags, roblox will still lag). But some of the ROBLOX administrators made a video showing ROBLOX running on IPad, so it will be another possibility.

Why wont the play button work on ROBLOX?

Maybe your computer or Roblox hanged..If not, you can try refreshing it or trying another game. If this still not work, ask Builderman about it.

Can Roblox slow down windows seven?

Yes it does....I've got windows 7 an it works here so...yes it should work on yours

How do you get roblox to work at a public library?

If the computer is not protected you can download it like normal. If the computer has blocked programs from downloading then there is no way to make it work. You could to talking to a librarian about it if it doesn't work, but i doubt they would let you install it.

Why wont Roblox work?

If you have an apple computer then you can't download it. If it's not that then your computer is to old.

How do you make runescape work faster?

If your computer loads slow, then you need to choose the lowest qualities.

Can you get a virus if you download roblox?

No, Roblox will not give you viruses whether you download it or not.but it will slow down your compiuter.

Is it possible to download Roblox straight to your flashdrive without it downloading onto your computer?

No, it is not possible to download Roblox to a flash drive. Roblox automatically installs itself on your computer, so you cannot choose where to put it. Finding the roblox files and coping them to your flash drive could work, but probably not.

How do you make Roblox work?

by downloading software

Can your computer break do roblox?

It matters on how old your computer is. If you have an old computer, the computer might not think that well, and for newer computers, ROBLOX is a nice site and wouldn't make your computer crash. It's not ROBLOX's fault if your computer crashes. It may be that your computer has something wrong with it.