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Having minecraft on your computer is unlikely to slow it down

Trying to run Minecraft andseveralother things at once might though

If your computer has little RAm or an older OS or version of Java, Minecraft itself might run slowly

This can be avoided by changing the video settings to reduce performance

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Q: Will downloading minecraft make my computer slow?
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Will frost wire make your computer slow?

Often FrostWire does make your computer slow. It will be running in the background when you are downloading songs and this slows down the computer.

Does minecraft make your computer slow-?

If Minecraft is not running, no it will not slow your computer down.If you have a low end or older computer then playing Minecraft may slow it down a little as it's a fairly hardware intensive game. Just give it as much ram as you can and turn the graphic details down until your happy with it.The Minecraft WiKi has a lot of information on managing the game.

Does downloading slow your computer?

yes cause it can over load your computer

Does downloading java slow down your computer?

UM...... Not really bcuz i have java on my computer n its not slow @ all.

Does minecraft slow down computers?

yes depending on the computer

Does ponybox slow down or mess up your computer?

No, not at all. It requires no Downloading.

Does all minecraft download harm computers?

No, Minecraft shouldn't harm your computer, that is if you have a good computer with good FPS if not then minecraft will run slow. In other words you may have gotten it from a different website which may have a virus or in worst cases harm your computer. Make sure to download it from for no virus which could harm your computer.

Why is Minecraft so slow after downloading the MOD Planes?

The planes take up alot of storage on your server it means alot of the power focuses on the plane. You can add more rom to make it faster.

Is downloading cursors bad for your computer?

Yes, it will slow down your internet and possibly download viruses

Will downloading Redbana's Audition harm my computer or slow it down. I also have maplestory downloaded too?

no neither of them should harm your computer.

Is downloading from safe?

don't download anything from the site is makes your computer run VERY slow and causes computer freezes.

Will going to Facebook slow a computer system down?

It can slow your computer down a little but with most computers today you'd never notice.