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It will while the program is running, but after it stops running there will be no change in computer speed.

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Q: Would minecraft slow down my toshiba laptop?
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Where would someone be able to find reviews of Toshiba laptop computers?

Amazon features customer reviews for all of its products. Search for the Toshiba Laptop of your choice, click on the link to its page, and scroll down to the bottom to read reviews. The highest rated one seems to be the Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148 laptop.

What laptop should you buy toshiba satellite s50-b-12q 15.6 or hp envy 15-j151sa 15.6 if you want to play music watch videos surf the web and play sims 4 wo laptop slowing down?

go for toshiba . toshiba is considered gud ,hp is also gud but not that much .it has got much more technnical problems .there are many complaints by users for hp than in toshiba .i would recomend u toshiba

Can Minecraft from a mac get put on a Toshiba?

No the two use different software and you will probly have to buy the game for the toshiba or down load the crack version but i dont recomend that because it is illegal to dowmload a "free" version.

How can someone Upgrade Toshiba a200 video card e.g. send of to Toshiba then what upgrades can i get?

If your laptop has the MXM type video card it can be upgraded but not without stripping the laptop down. The MXM type card fits into a slot on the motherboard (My Toshiba Sat Pro A200 has the ATI HD2400) I upgraded this to the ATI HD 3450 which was bought from ebay. If your laptop has builtin graphics such as Intels X3100 you can't upgrade it at all.

Why won't Toshiba satellite laptop turn off?

Most likely, your Toshiba Satellite will not shut down because it is in the middle of running updates. It could also mean there is a program currently running that is stuck on.

Where is the mouse button on a Toshiba laptop running Windows?

The middle mouse button is usually the scroll wheel. Push the wheel down to click it.

How do you know battery is fully charged in toshiba laptop?

Leave the laptop off. Allow the AC power adapter to fully charge the battery for 12 hours. During this time, do not use the laptop or turn it on. This can slow down the charging of the

Which is better toshiba or hp laptops?

Pretty much it's just the label and the support, the difference in the actual products and pricing are barely noticeable. I've heard good things about both HP and Toshiba support, Toshiba you take it to your local approved technician and HP you take it to the store and they ship it to headquarters and fix it. Personally I'd choose Toshiba, but it's all about personal preference, they're practically the same. Whichever you like better.

How do you open a chest in minecraft with a laptop?

Simply place it down and right click on it. There, you will be able to put stuff in it and take stuff out.

How do you put down blocks on minecraft on a laptop?

You right-click. However that is. If that doesn't seem to work, try checking your settings.

How do you replace the hard drive on a toshiba p35-s611?

You can access the hard drive from the bottom of the laptop. If you turn the laptop upside down, you'll find the hard drive door under the Toshiba sticker with the laptop serial number. Remove two screws from the hard drive cover and then remove the cover. Slide the hard drive to the right and remove it. Transfer the hard drive bracket to a new hard drive.

When printing print screen is larger than laptop screen and you cant scroll down to the print box help Toshiba Satellite?

You must resize the print screen. You can do this in paint.