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currently only singstar an a few other games work in PS2 format/ disk work on a PS3 console. There is set to be released a new patch allowing more PS2 games to be played.

The 20 GB PS3 could play PS2 games and so could the 60 GB model that was released with it and those machines are called the first generation PS3 Models. The second Generation PS3 model were the 60 GB Model and the 80 GB model and while they could play the PS2 games it was based on Partially software-based PS2 emulation while the earlier models were Hardware-based PS2 emulation. These 1st and 2nd generation PS3 models all included 4 USB ports and also had Flash memory card readers. The 3rd generation of PS3 models had the 40 GB, the 80 GB, and the 160 GB Harddrives but only 2 USB ports and do not play PS2 games with backward compatibility. The fourth Generation of PS3s are the 120 GB and 250 GB PS3 slim model which do not play PS2 games with Backward Compatibility. All PS3 models play PlayStation 1 Games and do so through software emulation.

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Q: Will PlayStation 2 games work on PlayStation 3 console?
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Do PlayStation 3 games work on the PlayStation 2 console?

NO ... but PS2 games work on PS3 consoles ...

Will PlayStation 3 Games Work On PlayStation 2 console?

No, PS2 can't run PS3 Games

Will 2006-2008's PlayStation 2 games work on a 2001 PlayStation 2 console?


Do PlayStation 2 games work on the Xbox?

Games are designed for a specific console, so no, they won't.

Do European World 2 PlayStation 3 games work on an American PlayStation 3 Console?

Yes, PS3 games are zone free

Can you play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2 console?

yes yes

How do you play xbox games on a playstation 2 console?

You don't. Games are designed for a console and do not play on a different console

Does a PlayStation 3 game disc work on a PlayStation 2 console?

No it does not

Will PlayStation 3 games play on a PlayStation 2 console?

No then their would be no need for a PS3.

Do PlayStation3 games work on PlayStation 2?

No PlayStation 3 games do NOT work on the PlayStation 2 system.

Can you save and play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

No you cant the ps3 is not compatible with ps2 games

Will a PS3 region 3 game work on a region 1 console?

Yes, a Region 3 PlayStation 3 game will work on a Region 1 PlayStation 3 system. The PlayStation 3 does not have regional lockouts for PlayStation 3 games. It does however have regional lockout for PlayStation games, PlayStation 2 games, DVD movies, and Blu-ray movies.