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Yes you can. PS2 is compatible with PS1 games

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โˆ™ 2008-12-23 05:07:22
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Q: Can you put a PlayStation 1 game in a PlayStation 2 console?
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Can you put a PlayStation 2 in a PlayStation 1 console?

no you can not play a PS2 game in a PS1 console

When did the video game crash begin?

The first Crash Bandicoot game was released in 1996 for the PlayStation 1 console.

What was the next console after PlayStation 1?

They did not use the number at first because it was just called the PlayStation. The next console was the PlayStation 2 released 6 years after the 1994 PlayStation release

Why does it show error when you put in a PS 1 game into a ps2 console?

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Can PlayStation 1 cheats be used on PlayStation 2 console?

yeah I am pretty sure you can.

Will a PS3 region 3 game work on a region 1 console?

Yes, a Region 3 PlayStation 3 game will work on a Region 1 PlayStation 3 system. The PlayStation 3 does not have regional lockouts for PlayStation 3 games. It does however have regional lockout for PlayStation games, PlayStation 2 games, DVD movies, and Blu-ray movies.

Is the PlayStation 2 much better than the PlayStation 1?

The Playstation 2 console features improved graphics and a larger library of games. It also can play DVD's as well as original Playstation console games.

Why was the PlayStation 1 invented?

The playstation one was a miniaturized version of the best selling playstation console. This was done shortly before the introduction of the playstation two in an attempt to create a device capable of being run in the car. The original playstation console has begun to be called the playstation X to distinguish it from its miniaturized, albeit the same, cousin the playstation 1.

Can you save PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 2 console?

only if u have a ps1 memory card

Can play Playstation 3 region 1 console on ps3 game region 3?

No it is not based on region and is based on the TV signals for the PS3s

What Guitar Hero games can use a ps3 controller?

Every single Guitar Hero game released for the playstation three, also Guitar Hero 1 & 2 for the playstation two will be compatible if played with a PlayStation 3 console.

Where can you download a PlayStation 1 game for your PlayStation 1?

No. Because The Playstation 1 Is Too Old.

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