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There are some people who had claimed that their PlayStation 3 Guitar works on the PlayStation 2 console but some claimed that it does not work. Not sure whether it will work though. My opinion is:

->Ask someone from a store about it if you are buying one

->Try to use the PlayStation 3 guitar on the PlayStation 2 console and see if it will work

->If it doesn't work, buy a PlayStation 2 guitar instead or

->buy a Playstation3 console if you could afford it

But I am pretty sure it'll work because is from the same manufacturer i.e (PlayStation)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:35:45
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Q: Is the ps3 guitar compatible with ps2?
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Can you use the equipment from a Guitar Hero for PS3 for Guitar Hero ps2?

On the PS2 only, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and newer support PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 controllers. Drum kits are cross-compatible with the PS2 versions of GH: World Tour and newer.

Will guitar hero ps3 version wireless guitar connect with ps2 version wireless remotes?

No. Only Rock Band 2 (and I think original Rock Band) controllers are compatible with PS2 and PS3.

Can you use Guitar Hero drums for PS2 for Guitar Hero for wii?

No you can only use the PS2 drums for PS2 because PS2 drums aren't compatible for Wii or any other console besides PS3

Can you use a ps2 guitar hero 4 guitar to play the game on PS3?

No. Sorry, the PS3 is all wireless, but it has two USB ports, which means the drums will plug in either PS2 or PS3, but, gay as it sounds, the guitars are not compatible with both systems

Can you play the PS3 rock band Guitar on the ps2 console?

Nope, you can't play a ps3 guitar in a ps2, but if your ps2 guitar gets inserted in the USB port then you can play it on your ps3.

Can you use PlayStation 3 wireless guitar with PlayStation 2?

Unfortunately the ps3 guitar is usb and the PS2 Guitar hero/Rock Band is not compatible with a usb wireless guitar.

Will PS3 read ps2 games?

No,PS3 is not compatible with ps2 it should play them if you have a special software for your ps3.

Is a PS3 controller compatible to ps2?

it is not compatible but since ps3 is out get ps3 (;

Can you play a PS3 guitar with a ps2 Guitar Hero on a PS3?

you need a backward conpatible ps3

Is ps2 guitar compatible with wii?


Can you use Guitar Hero drums for ps2 on a Guitar Hero for ps3?

i did not think you can. the software between the ps2 and ps3 are not the saw

Is ps2 games compatible with a 80gb ps3?


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