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No you are not able to play pirated PS2 CD's in a Sony PS3. There are some PS3's that are backwards compatible and can play PS2 games.

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Q: Can you play pirated ps2 CD in ps3?
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Can PS2 CD play on PS3?

Only if you have the original ps3, the silms dont

Can you play a PS3 CD on a ps2 console?

No if you mean a PS3 game disc.

Can PS2 CD can be used in PS3?

What you really are asking is whether the PS2 game CD will work in the PS3. The only PS3 models that play PS2 games are those with 4 USB ports, Newer PS3 models with only 2 USB ports will not play PS2 games.

Will a PS3 DVD play on a PS2?

PS3 has Blu-Ray that look like DVD and CD because they are all they same size and they will not play on a PS2

Can ps2 game CD work in ps3?

PS3s play only PS3 games unless they say they will play others. For example most say that they will play select PlayStation titles and most say they will not play PS2 games right on the box it was shipped in. PS1 used the CD format and PS2 did not use a CD and instead used a DVD format disc. The only PS3 that said they could play PS2 games were the old PS3 consoles with 4 USB ports

Do PS3 games work for ps2?

No the PS2 can not play a PS3 game they are only the same size they are as different as a CD and DVD and that is just the disc. The PS2 can not run the PS3 games programs and lacks the hardware to do what the programs are telling it to do

Can you get songs on PS2?

The PS2 can play songs from CD and DVD, but it has no hard memory like a xbox/360/ps3 so it cannot store the songs you play on it.

How much does ps2 CD's cost in Pakistan?

original cd costs 1500 to 2000 while pirated cd is just for 50

Does a ps3 CD work in a ps2?

It is a blu ray disc and no it does not work in a PS2

Can you play pirated games on Xbox 360?

YES OFF COURSE we can play any pirated CD on Xbox 360

What ps2 CD game can play in ps3?

The PS3 does not play PS2 game titles. Some PS3 models made before August 2008 with flash card readers and 4 USB ports used to be able to play some titles and those consoles have been out of production for years

Can you put a CD in a ps2?

Yes a PS2 can play a Music CD

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