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A PS3 can play PS3 games and some Playstation games

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Q: Can a ps3 play CD ROM games?
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Can a ps3 play CD-ROM games?

No They are played on a PC

Can you play a CD-rom on a CD player?

No you can not, as CD-ROM games are for a PC or MAC.

Can you play CD-ROM games on a DVD player?

No you can not, as CD-ROM games are for a PC or MAC.

Can you play PC CD-rom software games on the ps2?

No you can not, the PS2 does not play computer games

Can you play pirated ps2 CD in ps3?

No you are not able to play pirated PS2 CD's in a Sony PS3. There are some PS3's that are backwards compatible and can play PS2 games.

Can you play PS2 games on CD-rom through PS1 emulator?


What is needed in a PC to play games?

the right amount of memory and a cd-rom reader

How do you get a PS3 game that was burned into a CD to work on your PS3?

I'm not sure a PS3 game will even fit on a CD. The PS3 will play Cds and DVDs but the games are on Blu-Ray Discs

Can you play PS1 games on CD-rom through PS2 emulator?

No you need the PS1 emulator program to play the play them

Can PS2 CD can be used in PS3?

What you really are asking is whether the PS2 game CD will work in the PS3. The only PS3 models that play PS2 games are those with 4 USB ports, Newer PS3 models with only 2 USB ports will not play PS2 games.

My ePSx emulator will not play my playstation games from the CD HELP?

emulators don't play original games, they only play ROM files which are made from the original games.

Can you play games installed on the ps3 with out the CD?

No you can play games that have been downloaded, but the games from disc never are downloaded when they are installed and you need the Blu-Ray Game Disc (not a CD) to play them every time.

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