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yes, the ps2 rock band controllers are actually ps3 controllers but they are ps2 compatible

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Q: Will PS2 Rock Band peripherals work with PS3 Rock Band Game?
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Can a rock band guitar work for a Guitar Hero game?

Yes, but not the drums (but a guitar hero drums will work on a rock band game)

Do rock band 2 controllers work on rock band 3 games?

Yes, you can use Rock Band 2 equipment for the Rock Band 3 game. They are backwards compatible with the game.

Can you use the rock band controllers for ps2 on the PS3?

Yes you can but you need the ps3 game , ps2 rock band game won't work but controllers will . Yes you can but you need the ps3 game , ps2 rock band game won't work but controllers will .

Do rock band track packs work without rock band?

With any of the Guitar Hero Series Game No. Without Rock Band Game Disc No. You need Rock band Disc then you can download them

Will rock band 3 cymbols work with rock band 1 game?

No. Rock Band 1 doesn't have the option of cymbals.

Can rock band drums work on rock band 2?

Yes, all the instruments from the first game work on the 2nd.

Does the wii drums work with the band hero game?

only for rock band 2 and any rock band games after that.

Will guitar hero world tour instruments work on rock band beatles game?

Yes, Any Guitar Hero controller will work with any Rock Band game.

Does rock band 2 guitar work on rock band 3?

it depens on if the guitar and game are the same as the system

Is there a way to use xbox 360 rock band guitars on ps3?

Yes, all rock band instruments work on every rock band game

Do rock band guitars work for Guitar Hero Metallica on xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 game bundle for Rock Band Video game does

Will a microphone from another game work on rock band?

As long as it is USB, any microphone should work with Rock Band. In fact, the Xbox Live headset even works as a microphone for this game.