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Juptiter already got uxie then they battle over to let him go or not..

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Q: Why isn't Barry with Jupiter in Lake Acuity after you defeat the Snowpoint Gym?
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Where do we go after you chase the galactic grunt in valor lakefront?

You fly or walk or you get the idea to Lake Veriety and battle Mars there.Then after you win you go up to Mt.Cornet best at Celestic Town and walk north to Snowpoint City(Note:You need Strength,Rock Smash,Defog,and Surf to get to the route to Snowpoint City.Pick up HM Rock Climb on your way.Once you get near to Lake Acuity,Barry will show up and tell you you have to beat the Snowpoint City gym leader,Candice to get up to Lake Acuity because you need Rock Climb and after you win you go back to where you met Barry and use Rock Climb there.Barry will lose to Jupitar and Jupitar will leave and then Barry will leave.After you fly or walk or you get the idea to Velistone City to the building,talk to a grunt outside,then Looker will come and you will go to there warehouse.Once you get in you have to look for the Galactic Key.Once you do you get out of the warehouse and go to the main building and enter the door using the key.Once you do,you must find your way to a place where Cyrus will make a speech and then you must find and battle Cyrus.He will give you the Master Ball then you will battle Saturn and if you win you have to press the red button and set the Pokemon free.Then you leave and go to Spear Pillar(go on youtube for help finding Spear Pillar).

What do you do after you beat Candice in Pokemon Platinum?

go to acuity lake (must have rock climb) then talk to Barry, then go to galactic Veilstone HQ building, and from there to Spear Pillar

How do you get inside team galactic headquarters?

you have to find barry in the lake by snowpoint city save him, then go to veilstone in front of team galatic HQ. talk to the guy standing there and he"ll give you the key

Where do you go after you find barry at acuity lakefrount in pockmon diamond?

other lakes then sunnyshore city then pokemon leauge then see all sinnoh pokemon get national dex then go catch heatran get action replay GET DARKRAI

What Do You Do Now In Pokemon Platinum. Profess.Rowan Told Me To Check On Barry At Lake Acuity Went and Fought One of The Team Galactic Bosses and Barry Left Saying He Will Get Stronger and Left?

Allow me to clear this up for you. Barry disappears for a time, but he'll come back. your priority in the game now is to head towards Team Galactics HQ in veilstone city. after that, you'll be heading to Spear pillar. I hope you've got a good team to deal with the rest of the story. I hope this answer was useful to you.

What do you do after you beat Cyrus on Pokemon pearl?

It depends when you defeat him at galactic headquarters you have to go to mt.coronet to catch palkia. you'll need surf,rock climb,strength probably rock smash you'll have to fight team galactic members and you'll have to double battle with Barry then you battle Cyrus again to get palkia. Be sure to safe your game data before you battle commander Jupiter and mars and Cyrus and save before you battle palkia

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