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go to acuity lake (must have rock climb) then talk to Barry, then go to galactic Veilstone HQ building, and from there to Spear Pillar

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Q: What do you do after you beat Candice in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

beat gym leader Candice

How do you scale Walls In Pokemon platinum?

you use the move rock climb, but u have to beat the gym leader candice

How strong should your Pokemon to beat Candice on Pokemon platinum?

your Pokemon should be at least all over level 40 i beat her with one infernape and wiped her out using flamethrowermy infernape was level 47 when i versed her

Where is Candice in Pokemon platinum?

In her gym in Snowpoint City.

What do you do after you beat Candice Pokemon diamond?

get a girlfriend

What is the name of seventh gym leader in Pokemon platinum?


Who is Candice in Pokemon platinum?

The Gym Leader of the Snowpoint Gym.

Where is Candice in snowpoint city?

In Pokemon pearl/platinum/diamond Candice is the 7th/snowpoint city gym leader.

Where is Candice on Pokemon platinum?

snowpoint city (the 1 way up north)

What Pokemon does Candice have in platinum?

I do not know what Pokemon she has but I know she has ice type Pokemon so use fire type pokemons.

Do you have to beat the elite four in Pokemon FireRed to migrate to platinum?

No. You need to beat the Pokemon League IN the Platinum one.

What Pokemon does Candice have?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the Gym Leader Candice has; Snover, Sneasel, Medicham and Abomasnow. In Pokemon Platinum her team is mostly different instead having; Sneasel, Piloswine, Abomasnow and Froslass. She can be rematched in Pokemon Platinum with an updated team which is; Weavile, Mamoswine, Abomasnow, Froslass and Glaceon.