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use ur own strategys or get action replay and do the level 99 code no won mention it lately.......

all wild pokmn will be on level 99 no matter wat place ur at

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Q: In Pokemon platinum version how do you defeat barry?
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What Pokemon does barry have when you battle him at the Pokemon league in Pokemon Platinum?

Ghastly,koli,jioa,salinia and gotyu

How do you get nidoking eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

From Barry if you are a girl and Dawn if you are a boy.

How do you beet barry on Pokemon platinum in heart home city?


Cant beat barry on Pokemon platinum with grotle HOW?

Get more Pokemon and make grotle a torterra

What do you do after beating crasher wake on Pokemon platinum version?

After you beat him, continue on with the game. I think you run into Barry after you beat him, or it might be before..

On Pokemon platinum are you supposed to meet up with barry after you have defeated the elite four?


How many battles until you battle Barry's dad in the battle frontier in Pokemon platinum?


In Pokemon Platinum who is the rival?

Your rival in Pokemon platinum is a spiky haired blonde boy originally called Pearl for the game but called Barry in the US/English anime and Jun in the Japanese anime.

What did you name your rival on pkmn pearlI just want to know?

I Named Mines Barry On Pokemon Pearl And On Pokemon Diamond James And On Pokemon Platinum MichaelJ

How long is battle tower battle in Pokemon platinum?

21 battles the last battle is barry (your rivals) dad

What trainer has a Turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

Route 201 Pokemon trainer Barry Route 203 Pokemon trainer Barry Jubilife City Pokemon trainer Lucas Jubilife City Pokemon trainer Dawn (If you chose Piplup) Eterna city gym Gym leader Gardenia Hope I helped!!!! :D

Do you have to battle everyone before battling Pokemon trainer barry on Pokemon platinum?

yes i think you do have to battle everyone before battling him you also have to see or catch a heatran. hope this helped :):):):):D:D:D:D