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because you need to buy a premium account of

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Q: Why is it when you log into the minecraft launcher it always says user not premium?
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What does it mean when your minecraft says outdated launcher?

It means that you need to login on and download new launcher.

Ive bought and downloaded minecraft and i can run the launcher but when i try to log in it says cant connect to the internet in red lettering.?

This happens if the minecraft launcher can't get access to the minecraft servers. If you play the game from the website first, then you will get access to an offline version through the launcher

What if you bought minecraft but it says user not premium?

This means that you havn't downloaded/bought the game. There should be an option that says, "play offline" if you want to use that.

When I try to login to minecraft it says not downloaded do you know to fix my problem?

You need to log in to an Premium Account the first time you install the launcher in order to play offline. However, sometimes the launcher fails to connect to Try a couple of times, if the problem persists check your internet connection, and also make sure is not down for some reason.

On the last chaos launcher it always says updating and never does anything else on the loading bar?


How do you play minecraft offline is that it says not downloaded?

you must log in with a premium account so it can download the packages

How do you play Minecraftspjar when it says stuff about opening it with Winrar?

You cant play minecraft just by clicking the minecraft.jar you have to have the launcher. Winrar is for adding mod or editing it.

How do you conect to a minecraft server when it says failed to connect?

Maybe the server is temporarily not available or you are using anjocaido's minecraft launcher. If you have that you need to download Hamachi and Type Server iD IP Password and Gate

How do you play minecraft offline Ive downloaded the launcher and the server but when I log in with no user or pass it says Not Downloaded?

Um... did you try logging in? You still need to log in.

Why does it say login failed when you try to log in on minecraft launcher?

If it says login failed its either because your username or password is wrong or youdon'thave internet at the moment

When you delete the minecraft file it still doesn't reload and it still says done loading?

To fix it, restart minecraft, and in the launcher, click the options button next to the login button and click force update, than try again

How do you update your version of minecraft?

On the main launcher in the bottom left corner, click edit profile and make sure in the version box it says "Use Latest Version" at this point Minecraft will automatically update itself when an official update comes out.