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Delete %appdata%\.minecraft and change your password.

Then in the login screen, hit options and force update.

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Q: What should you do if the game Minecraft dosent log in and says user not premium and under play offline is written not downloaded what should you do to fix it and play regyalery like any other compute?
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Is the free full version of minecraft not downloaded or downloaded?

If you have access to an account that has bought Minecraft, which is hard to do for free, then you can play in-browser and download the launcher to play offline.

How do you enter Minecraft if your Minecraft account doesnt work?

There is an option on the downloaded version that says "play offline" click that.

Can you play minecraft offline if you already downloaded it on xbox?

If you've purchased it already then yes. You can play offline anytime you want.

How do you play minecraft offline is that it says not downloaded?

you must log in with a premium account so it can download the packages

How do you play minecraft offline Ive downloaded the launcher and the server but when I log in with no user or pass it says Not Downloaded?

Um... did you try logging in? You still need to log in.

How do you play Minecraft offline for free?

Buy the game, download the portable launcher, then run it once to download the game files. Once the game files are downloaded, you can play it offline. Anyway, you can't get Minecraft for free legally.

When you log in to minecraft and want to play offline it says not downloaded?

You probably have to buy the original game, then delete your user and password on it and press login, then press play offline

Can you play minecraft mods without an internet connection?

yes as soon as you've downloaded the mods you can play the mods while offline.

Do you need online to play xbox edition minecraft?

In order to buy it, you need online. But you can select between online and offline after it is downloaded.

How do you go on a minecraft server offline?

If you have bought Minecraft and downloaded it, you can play it whenever you like, on or offline. Just click Play offline when it says 'Can't connect to'. But, if you haven't downloaded it, you can't play offline.

Where do you get the offline launcher for Minecraft?

Go to the Minecraft website and download the offline launcher, note that the offline option only appears if you are actually offline.

Ive bought and downloaded minecraft and i can run the launcher but when i try to log in it says cant connect to the internet in red lettering.?

This happens if the minecraft launcher can't get access to the minecraft servers. If you play the game from the website first, then you will get access to an offline version through the launcher