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You can well kinda, First download minecraft to your computer after playing the demo, then enter your username but not your password after opening minecraft that you downloaded, when it says: can't login click play offline, and there you go but you can't play multiplayer.

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Q: How do you get Minecraft full version for free?
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Can i get Minecraft for free?

There is no way to get the full version of minecraft for free, but you can play Minecraft Classic for free.

Can get Minecraft for free?

You can play the free Classic version or you can get the free demo version. The full version of Minecraft has a lot more freedom and free updates.

What are free Minecraft servers?

At least 98% of all Minecraft servers are free. Classic Minecraft is always free and does not require you to buy and download the full version of the game. However it has limited abilities and blocks compared to the full version. Minecraft creative and Minecraft survival require you to buy the full version. Once you have bought the full version, full version servers are completely free. See the related links below for more information.

Is beta a free game from Minecraft?

No, it is not. Minecraft Beta is the newest version of minecraft. In order to get it, you must pay for it. You can play a free version called minecraft classic though.

Do you get the full version of minecraft for free if you have the beta?


Is full version on minecraft free?

You can play on the full version of minecraft by creating an account and playing the demo version for a limited period of time however then you have to purchase the full version to have all of these features.

Do you get full minecraft for free?

no it is currently $26.95 to get the full 1.4.5 update version.

Will minecraft send an email verification code if you get the free version?

No. Only for the full version.

How do you download Minecraft Xbox 360 edition full free?

you cant get the full version for free you can only get the demo.

Can you download minecraft for free without pay?

There is no official free version ofMinecraftavailableexceptthe demo version, which does not contain all the features of full MinecraftMinecraftSP is a single-player only version of Minecraft that can be downloadedFor multiplayer you need to have access to a Minecraft account that has paid for the game, then you can download the full version of Minecraft onto any computer

Is there a free minecraft trial?

No. You can play an outdated version of the game for free at minecraft's website, but to play the full version, you (or someone else) must have had paid for it.

How do you download Minecraft full version free?

you can get a crack for it but this is illegal, and you should pay for it.