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Buy the game, download the portable launcher, then run it once to download the game files. Once the game files are downloaded, you can play it offline.

Anyway, you can't get minecraft for free legally.

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Q: How do you play Minecraft offline for free?
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Is the free full version of minecraft not downloaded or downloaded?

If you have access to an account that has bought Minecraft, which is hard to do for free, then you can play in-browser and download the launcher to play offline.

How do you play Minecraft offline?

Enter no password, and the options will appear of 'play offline' or 'try again'. Select play offline.

How do you download play offline on Minecraft?

you cant you just play reguler minecraft and you ca connect then you play ofline

Is Minecraft download free?

You download it for free, but you have to purchase the game to play it. Added by another person: You can download it for free and you can play for free but not online. If you enter a random name and password and click login, you will come to have two options, retry login, or play offline.

Why cant i play online on minecraft if I'm offline?

Because your offline and you haven't logged in.

Can you play offline on two computers with the same minecraft account?

no if online yes if offline

How do you play offline multiplayer in minecraft on xbox 360?


Why cant you play offline on minecraft?

You can, you just have to play online once.

Is Minecraft not an online game to play?

Minecraft can be played online or offline. When you play online, you need Internet connection and you can play with other people. When you play offline, you don't need Internet connection but you can only play by yourself.

Can you play minecraft offline if you already downloaded it on xbox?

If you've purchased it already then yes. You can play offline anytime you want.

What does mine craft is offline mean?

you are playing minecraft offline so you cant play multiplayer

Why does minecraft launcher 1.6 released July 1st 2013 not play offline?

According to the documentation, to play offline you must actually BE offline and have no internet connection. Only then does the option to play offline appear.