Why does the ground explode?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well there can be tnt.

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Q: Why does the ground explode?
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Why doesn't charcoal lighter fluid explode when you light it?

because you have to slam it on the ground for it to explode don't light it that will never explode.

Does a hydrogen bomb explode when it touches the ground?

If it does, it is not very effective. MOST are designed to explode when they are more than 1000 ft above the ground.

Why would an in ground pool light explode breaking the lens?


Where does the atom bomb explode on the air or on the ground?

In the air above the target

Do atomic bombs explode on impact of ground?

Some atomic bombs explode on impact, most explode in the air for maximum destruction caused by the explosion spreading out over a wider area.

Can the enginner explode by themselves in Halo 3 odst?

Yes, they have been known to when they see an enemy then they fall to the ground and explode, but not always, they generally only explode when hurt or when other explosions go of nearby

Can you send mosquito repellent on a plane?

No. Aerosols must go by ground. They can explode when pressurized.

Can fireworks explode on ground if area got to hot?

he. they can explode any way. that's the reason you not want to stand near the big ones. don't hold them is your hands too.

Did the nuclear bomb dropped on japan explode on impact or in mid air?

The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic bombs and not nuclear bombs and were designed to explode above the ground and not on impact.

Why can't uranium ore explode in the ground?

No critical mass underground; but as a curiosity read about the Oklo phenomenon.

Why is there cottonseed oil in my ground cinnamon?

Believe it or not, I heard on CBC this morning that it is used so the bag doesn't explode. Unbelievable!

Do you explode or bounce after falling off a tall building?

Well once you hit the floor you bounce an ince off the ground and then you die.