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It will if it is fused for airburst. This is selected to maximize the area and severity of blast and thermal flash effects.

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Q: Do nuclear bombs explode before they hit the ground?
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Did the nuclear bomb dropped on japan explode on impact or in mid air?

The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic bombs and not nuclear bombs and were designed to explode above the ground and not on impact.

Do nuclear bombs make the air poisonous after they explode?


Do atomic bombs explode on impact of ground?

Some atomic bombs explode on impact, most explode in the air for maximum destruction caused by the explosion spreading out over a wider area.

What are the signs that a nuclear explosion is about to occur?

Nuclear plants don't explode, they melt down. Nuclear bombs (atom bombs) explode. There won't be any signs that a nuclear explosion is "about to occur"-- there won't be any warning unless defense computers recognize an incoming warhead missile. BUT, still, there won't be signs beforehand. Just look up the bombing of Japan.

What is the different between a nuclear bomb and an atom bomb?

Nuclear bombs before the 60s were referred to as atom bombs, because the term Nuclear hadn't been discover yet. Nuclear bombs today, are generally Hydrogen bombs, or fusion bombs. They are significantly more powerful, able to places about the size of Rhode Island. Atom bombs,which were mostly uranium and plutonium, lack the destructive power of Nuclear or Fusion bombs.

What did the America people know before the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The nuclear was a secret before the bombs hit the targets.

What does detination mean?

Detonated means has caused to explode or has exploded. This is commonly used in reference to bombs and other nuclear weapons.

Is a bomb nuclear?

Some bombs are nuclear. But most bombs are not nuclear.

Do bombs explode in water?


Zelda Phantom Hourglass how do you get to the windmill in the isle of gust?

Throw bombs on the sand and the worms will come out of the ground, eat them and explode.

How do you say bombs in Greek?

If you mean the bombs that explode is : βόμβες