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The SILPH SCOPE is an item used to see the Pokemon "GHOSTs" in POKEMON TOWER (which is located near the entrance of LAVENDER TOWN) that appear randomly in the upper levels of the tower. You will need the SILPH SCOPE to reach the highest level of POKEMON TOWER. This item is fairly easy to obtain, as long as your Pokemon are in good health and can successfully protect you. And that, my fellow Pokemon fan, is why you need the SILPH SCOPE.

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Q: Why do you need the silph scope from team rocket?
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Where do you get silph scope in Pokemon blue?

Defeat team rocket at the game corner to get the silph scope.

How do you get see the ghost on FireRed?

You need to get the Silph Scope from the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City.

How do you get silph scope Pokemon LeafGreen?

You might need to get the silph scope in Pokémon LeafGreen in order to continue. You can get this item from the Team Rocket game corner.

Where can you find the solph scope?

to get the silph scope, you must defeat team rocket in the silph co. buildig in saffron city. then talk to the manager who will give you the silph scope.

Where can you find a silph scope on FireRed?

You get the Silph Scope in the Celadon City Game Corner basement (Team Rocket HQ).

How do you find the silph scope in Pokemon Blue version?

find the rocket base in the game corner examine the poster after you battle that rocket dude guy then you go in the stairs near it. inside battle a few rocket dude guys and get into "the boss" place and then you need to win then when he leaves behind you shall find the "silph scope".

How do you get the silph scope in Pokemon Gold?

its the same as crystal version , first you need to get in team rocket hidout in ecruteak city go every door where in a door then there is a stair going down battle all team rocket a man will say "oh! i drop my silph scope" then youll get itYou can't obtain the silph scope in Pokemon heartgold.

Were do you find the silph scope?

Just defeat Giovanni in the Team Rocket HQ in the game corner, he should leave behind the silph scope.

How do you get a silph scope in pokemon leafgreen?

Defeat Team Rocket's Boss in the game corner he will leave the silph scope behind take it then leave.

Where can you get a silph scope in Pokemon Blue version?

you have to finish the team rocket part in Silph co. and beat Giovanni.

How do you find the silph scope?

The boss of team rocket leaves it behind after defeating him in the rocket game corner.

How do you get silph scope in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go through the rocket game corner and defeat team rocket's boss Giovanni once he goes away an item will appear take it its the silph scope.