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Ash went to the Orange Islands because Professor Oak asked them to go on an errand for him in order to retrieve the GS Ball from Professor Ivy however Ash also wanted to head to the Orange Islands about learning about the Orange League.

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Q: Why did Ash go to the Orange Islands?
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How do you find ash in LeafGreen?

You have to go to the Orange Islands. (Which is impossible)

Who is ash's girl?

Misty In The Orange Islands

Is there a Pokemon orange version?

yes but it's a hacked game where you get to travel the orange islands as ash or misty.

What episodes of Pokemon Orange Islands are Ash's mom in?

Pokemon 2000 [ The Power Of One]

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon heartgold?

i believe not in heart gold. but there is a video game called orange islands pokemon game and u can go to orange islands from there

What ever happened to ash's pidgeot?

Ash released it to protect the wild pidgey and pigeotto from the fearow. Ash promised to return for it after his adventures at the Orange Islands, however he, as of now, never did.

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon soul silver?

The orange islands are made up islands strictly used for the Pokemon cartoon.

Did Ash Ketch um ever go to Whirl Islands?


How do you get Charizard to obey in Pokemon Ash Gray?

Charizard will not obey Ash in Pokémon AshGray until the game gets to the Poliwrath match during the Orange Islands.

Why cant you go to the orange islands on a Pokemon game?

there is no such thing as the orange island but there is 1-7 islands and if you get the Nintendo event there are 1-9 islands

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon soul silver?

u cant go to the orange islands in heartgold or any game. it is only in the anime.

What is the cheat code for the orange island event in Pokemon fire red?

You can't go to the Orange Islands.

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