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Ash has won a league, the Orange Island League, in season two of the anime.

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Q: Will ash ever win a Pokemon league?
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Did Ash Ketchum win the Pokemon League?


Does ash ever win the Pokemon league?

He has won a league called Orange Island league He also beat the battle pyramid(which is hoenn i think)

Does ash ever win a Pokemon league in the TV program?

Nope, well he won orange islands This may not count but he did win the battle frontier in hoenn

Can ash win the unova league?

I have the strong feelin that Ash will win this one because in the flow of pokemon history Ash becomes closer and closer to become a champion and in the sinnoh league, he is in the top 4 and i think in unova, in the finals Ash will battle Trip and Ash will win against him and become the winner and after that he will proceed in battling the elite 4 in different kinds of regions and enter the "Champions League" where champions in different regions battle in order to win and face the Pokemon Master and Ash will battle the Pokemon Master and then claim the title....

How can evil win over good how did ash loose in Sinnoh league?

he did not have good pokemon

Will ash win unova league?

I think Ash will probably win this league defeat the champion and thus ending pokemon and his journey which will have a time skip to when he is an adult now and they'll probably reveal his father to.

Did ash win the Sinnoh league?

No, He lost in the final round to a man named takuto. His Pokemon were: Darkrai Latios SORRY ASH!!!!

Will ash win the Sinnoh league this time?

No,Ash moves on

Does ash win the Sinnoh league?

Ash does not win the sinnoh league. He uses all his Pokemon against 2 of the other guys Pokemon, but the other guy had a Darkrai and a Latios. The final episode of Sinnoh league Victors is SO emotional (I started to cry). Ash and Brock leave Dawn in Twinleaf Town and leave to Kanto. Then Ash and Brock go their separate ways. It is soooo sad :(.

Does Ash Ketchum win the Sinnoh League?

No, He lost in the semi final round to a man named Takuto. His Pokemon were: Darkrai Latios

Does ash win the johto league?

He did not win anything besides the silver conference. and the Orange league in Season 2

Who won the unova league in Pokemon?

no one has won it yet,but ash has been knocked out unfortunately,in the future he might actually win a cup

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