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nope. ash and co. always win against those evil failures. same in the games. u, the player, always foil their plot

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Q: Does team rocket of Pokemon ever win?
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Where do you get dig in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You earn it as a reward after battling the Team Rocket trainers in a house northeast of Cerulean City. Battle them, win, and Dig is dropped.

How do you go true the team roclets radio tower?

win your 3rd badge and get a team rocket costume

First team ever to win the Champions League back to back?

No team ever has

Where is the team rocket hideout in Pokemon leaf green?

the hide out is in the game corner! You need too battle one of the team mates and when you win he will run and where he was standing behind him is a poster and behind that is a switch! You click that and stairs are there.

How do you get hm swim in Pokemon heartgold?

It's actually surf and in ecruteak city in the dance theatre you will battle a team rocket grunt and when you win a man will give you surf as a thanks

What do you do when you win team rocket in island 5 in there warehouse and you returned the sapphire?

you get to trade with Sapphire

Can a team of player ever win a match Why?


Who would win a fight Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants or Jessie and James of Team Rocket?

the doughnut would win

How do you pass the guy blocking the stairs in the radio tower in Pokemon gold?

You have to complete the Team Rocket HQ mission at Mahogany Town and win the Mahogany Gym Badge. Then you go to the Goldenrod Radio Tower then you see that the officer is gone because Team Rocket wants to run the radio tower.

Where do you get Dive for Pokemon Emerald?

After you follow team magma into the rocket launching facility in Mossdeep city, you will battle with Steven. After you win, you will go to his house and he will give you the HM dive.But you have to have the psychic badge

Who would win a fight SpongeBob or Jessie and James of Team Rocket?

Spongebob has toonforce. He wins.

Is gallade a good Pokemon to have on a Pokemon team?

I think it is because it alway win on my Pokemon game I like it

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