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The Orange Islands are in Crystal version, or silve or gold. You need a GameShark, get the walk through walls code, and then activate it in New Bark Town. Walk on the water that is next to the town until you get to that rock, then go down to the bigger rock. You should be able to go through it. Then when you do, just keep going until you get to the Orange Islands.

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Q: How do you go to orange islands in Pokemon crystal version?
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Is there a Pokemon orange version?

yes but it's a hacked game where you get to travel the orange islands as ash or misty.

Is Pokemon Arcoiris Version fake?

Its a hack game of RSE based in the orange islands

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon platinum?

The Orange Islands do not exist in any Pokemon game.

Is there a pokemon game for the orange islands?

Yeah, pokemon orange or naranja

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon soul silver?

The orange islands are made up islands strictly used for the Pokemon cartoon.

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get to the orange islands?

The orange islands are in jhoto league. Which means their in Pokemon 14ct Gold/Sterling Silver and Pokemon crystal meth. Its like they can make red and blue over 8 times but the only time jhoto came back into play was i culosemen.

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon heartgold?

i believe not in heart gold. but there is a video game called orange islands pokemon game and u can go to orange islands from there

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

you mean seafoam islands the orange islands was exclusive to the anime. but the seafoam islands is south of pallet town.

What was the second Pokemon series?

Orange Islands

How do you get to the orange islands on pokemon firered?

They don't exist.

Why cant you go to the orange islands on a Pokemon game?

there is no such thing as the orange island but there is 1-7 islands and if you get the Nintendo event there are 1-9 islands

How do you get HM Cut in Pokemon Orange?

it is impossible to catch this Pokemon in that version.

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