What is Pokemon arcoiris version?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon Arcoiris is a hack from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Your starter Pokemon is pikachu and you can be Ash or Misty. This game is based on the Orange Islands. You also get to meet a Shadow Lugia!!!

The game is also in a different language is some bits like some people speak Spanish and the Pokemon moves are also in Spanish so it can be a bit confusing but you should know what the move is by looking at the description

p.s if i can understand what the move is by reading the description surly you can and for some information AT.RAPIDO is quick attack

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Q: What is Pokemon arcoiris version?
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Is Pokemon arcoiris version real?

its not a real version from gamefreak... its just a fan made game.

Is there any legendary Pokemon in arcoiris version?

Yes, there is one which is not able to train properly, suicune

Is Pokemon arcoiris real?

Yes, Pokemon Arcoiris is real. I have it and it is a very tough hacked game.

What region is Pokemon arcoiris in?

Pokémon Arcoiris is based in the Orange Islands

What Pokémon can move things in Pokémon arcoiris?

Pokemon arcoiris was a game that was fan based and is a waste of time to figure out... You probably got scammed... Pokemon Arcoiris is not a real game.

Where can you find a horsea in Pokemon arcoiris?

I dont believe you can get a horsea in Pokemon Arcoiris but you can get its evolutions evolution,Kingdra on the first route

Brawlly location in Pokemon Arcoiris version?

Brawly's gym is the house on the beach under Ivy's lab, at least in my game.

Is Pokemon arcoiris a fake game?

Pokémon Arcoiris (Pokémon Rainbow in English) is a hack game

Where to buy Pokemon arcoiris?

You can buy it from eBay and iOffer.

Can you get a legendary Pokémon in Pokémon arcoiris?

Pokemon arcoiris is hack game.Whenyou are on P. azul you can get Suicune and I believe later on in the game you can get shadow Lugia

When did Pokemon arcoiris version come out?

Japan- February 26, 1996 (Red & Green) October 15, 1996 (Japanese version of Blue) North America- September 28, 1998 (Red & Blue) Australia- October 23, 1998 (Red & Blue) Europe- October 5, 1999 (Red & Blue)

Can Pokemon arcoiris trade with Pokemon LeafGreen?

No because fakes can't trade with real games