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Yes, there is one which is not able to train properly, suicune

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Q: Is there any legendary Pokemon in arcoiris version?
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Are there any more catchable legendary Pokemon Black version?

You can catch rayquaza

Can Celebi have an egg in Pokemon black version?

No, Celebi or any other Legendary Pokemon can't have an egg.

Is there any Legendary Pokemon in yellow version?

Of course, there are Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Mewtwo.

How do you catch any legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald version?

with a master ball or weaken it and throw ultra balls until u capture it

Which legendary Pokemon evolve?

i cannot answer the question - wich legendary Pokemon evolve? but i can answer the question - do any legendary Pokemon evolve - and the answer is... no!

How do you get a pokedex in Pokemon arcoiris?

You can't. The production team forgot to put it in. So you can't trade to any other game. :(

Who to use the timber ball on in Pokemon emerlad?

Use it on any legendary that is hard to capture, like a Regi or the version exclusive.

What is the rarest legendary Pokemon?

The rerest legendary Pokemon in any of the games is mew and arceus

There is an wild Celebi in any Pokemon version?

Celebi is a legendary Pokemon that was only available through a Nintendo event. It is not found in the wild unless the player has a GS ball in Pokemon Crystal.

How do you breed a legendary?

you cannot breed any legendary Pokemon

What Pokemon can you mate?

any Pokemon that isent legendary

Is there any new legendary Pokemon in Pokemon platunum?