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Sadly no.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-08 23:43:58
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Q: Is their an orange islands for poikemon soulsilver and heartgold?
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For people who have passed these games is there the sevii islands and orange islands in heartgold and soulsilver?


What route is a orange apricorn in Pokemon soulsilver or heartgold?

I don't believe there is an orange apricorn.

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

you mean seafoam islands the orange islands was exclusive to the anime. but the seafoam islands is south of pallet town.

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon heartgold?

i believe not in heart gold. but there is a video game called orange islands pokemon game and u can go to orange islands from there

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon soul silver?

u cant go to the orange islands in heartgold or any game. it is only in the anime.

In Pokemon heartgold and soul silver can you go to the orange islands?

no your not aloud cause its made for cartoon

How do you find an expert of Pokemon healing in Pokemon orange?

Pokemon "orange" Version Is Not A Real Game The Sequel To Pokemon Gold And Silver Is Pokemon HGSS Or HeartGold And SoulSilver

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon platinum?

The Orange Islands do not exist in any Pokemon game.

Can you go to the orange islands in Pokemon soul silver?

The orange islands are made up islands strictly used for the Pokemon cartoon.

Why cant you go to the orange islands on a Pokemon game?

there is no such thing as the orange island but there is 1-7 islands and if you get the Nintendo event there are 1-9 islands

Is there a pokemon game for the orange islands?

Yeah, pokemon orange or naranja

Why did Ash go to the Orange Islands?

Ash went to the Orange Islands because Professor Oak asked them to go on an errand for him in order to retrieve the GS Ball from Professor Ivy however Ash also wanted to head to the Orange Islands about learning about the Orange League.

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