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Probably PayPal has a delay, you need to wait some time.

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Q: Why cant you play minecraft when you have just bought it?
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What do you do when you bought minecraft but you cant download it?

Try and send the file to another computer and play it on there!

How do you download play offline on Minecraft?

you cant you just play reguler minecraft and you ca connect then you play ofline

Why cant you play offline on minecraft?

You can, you just have to play online once.

Why cant you play offline in minecraft?

You can, just go to singleplayer mode

Why cant i play minecraft online whenever i try to play online it says bad login?

You just need to restart minecraft its a glitch that sometimes happens.

What website does Tobygames play Minecraft on?

He bought Minecraft and uses the application

How much does technic like minecraft cost?

aslong as you have bought minecraft, the technic launcher is free to download and play, but you HAVE to have bought minecraft to use it.

How do you play minecraft without downloading it?

you cant

Why cant i play minecraft right after you download it?

Unless you are using Minecraft Classic, you have to buy an account, log in, then you can play.

How do you play a Minecraft map without an account?

you cant

Do you need java to play the bought version of minecraft?


Can you play Minecraft on xbox360?

minecraft contains java and xbox doesnt contains that. then you cant play it. but nice idea! xD