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you cant funland 3 is a way higher version of minecraft

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Q: How do you get minecraft funland 3 so you can play it on pc?
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Can you play minecraft on a mac with PC playersor do i have to go on mac servers?

Yes, Minecraft is written in Java so difference between OS is insignificance. In short it will work.

Do you play Minecraft on the website?

Minecraft on the website are genuine. I play on a cracked version of Minecraft so i have it as an .exe

Can a kid play Minecraft?

Minecraft has a rating of E10+, so any kid of 10 and older can play Minecraft.

Can you be 9 and play Minecraft?

There are no age restrictions on Minecraft so technically yes you can play Minecraft age 9.

Which is better Minecraft PC or Xbox?

Well that is a opinion. You can now get Minecraft on Xbox so in my opinion it's Xbox.

How many copys did notch sell of minecraft?

So far, Minecraft has sold 13,720,664 copies for PC / Mac.

Can girls play Minecraft?

i think so

When will minecraft xbox be like PC?

soon. 1.8 just came out so they still have to do 1.8.2,minecraft 1.0,1.1,1.2,1.2.3,1.2.4,1.2.5,1.3.1,and finally 1.3.2

Can you play Minecraft from the Minecraft site?

Yes, you can! Once you're on the website, login to your Minecraft/Mojang account, and on the main page, if you look to the right, you'll see 2 links under the words "Play Minecraft". Click the one that says "In browser" and you're ready! If you're interested, you can also play Minecraft Classic (one of the earliest versions of Minecraft on PC) on the website. Under the links for downloading Minecraft and playing it on the site, there's a link that says "Looking for Minecraft Classic?" Click this, and you can either play Minecraft Classic Singleplayer or Multiplayer. Believe it or not, there are still lots of people who play Classic Multiplayer. So if you're bored of the real game, you can check out the Classic version.

Can you patch Minecraft PC mods into Minecraft pe?

Yes, there are mods where you can port many of the PC features into Minecraft PE. Below is a video on how to do so...

Should you buy Minecraft?

Yes. In my own opinion Minecraft is one of the greatest PC games I've ever played. It is SO worth buying!

What is a good PC within a good budget capable of playing games like minecraft The reason is because i want to get of the XBOX and try modding forst hand on like skyrim and stuff. Thank you?

i think a mac is one of the best because its fast and you can play minecraft on it but there are about 2000 dollars so if you cant afford that then just buy a normal PC