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Mineraft Sp is a hacked version of minecraft so it's offline. I suggest you buy Minecraft if you want MultiPlayer.

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Q: How do you play multiplayer on Minecraft sp?
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How do you play Minecraft multiplayer for free?

There is no"legal" way to play Minecraft Beta SP or SMP for free. If you really want a way to do this Google give sufficient hits.

What to do when you can't connect to Minecraft multiplayer?

You need an account to play minecraft multiplayer.

Can you play Minecraft on the internet?

Yes, there is multiplayer in Minecraft.

Can you play on multiplayer servers on Minecraft for the PS3?

If u have online, then u should have multiplayer on minecraft

Can you play multiplayer on Minecraft if you have an internet cable?

You can play multiplayer as long as you have internet. Internet cable or not.

Can you play multiplayer on minecraft lite?


How do you play multiplayer on a Game Boy advance SP?

must have a gamelink cable, and two sp systems. connect the cable to both systems and you can play any games with multiplayer features

How do you play minecraft multiplayer PC?

On java, click multiplayer. On bedrock, click play, then servers/friends.

What are ips used for in minecraft?

To play on multiplayer servers.

Can you play multiplayer on Minecraft with mac and PC?


How to play with another player on minecraft?

Go to multiplayer.

Does anyone play minecraft PE multiplayer?