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Video Games are fun.

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Q: Why are video games good for children?
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Are playing video games good for you?

Some video games can be good for precision and coordination exercises. Violent video games and games are not good for you. Video games that are entertaining can be a good way to relieve stress if played in moderation.

Can video games be good for you?

yes it can certain video games are good for you

Which educational video games are good for children with dyslexia?

Children with dyslexia have been reported to show improved reading skills when playing video games that are action packed. Games such as Super Mario, Halo and Dead Space are all action based.

What percent of children get ADD from video games?

None, you can't get ADD from video games.

Why are video games bad for children?

there not!

How many hours do children play video games?

Some sites usually say that children play video games about an hour a day.

What are worst video games for children?

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

Can you have children on PS2?

You can on games like the The Sims series of video games

Should there be a time limit when playing video games for children?

Yes, more than a couple hours isn't good

Does violent video games scare children?


Do violent video games provoke violence in children?


How many children play video games?