Can video games be good for you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes it can certain Video Games are good for you

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Video games is good for you because it can make your dreams come true.

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Q: Can video games be good for you?
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Are playing video games good for you?

Some video games can be good for precision and coordination exercises. Violent video games and games are not good for you. Video games that are entertaining can be a good way to relieve stress if played in moderation.

Why are video games good for children?

Video games are fun.

Why can't I be good at video games?

Video games require fast response times and lots of practice to get good.

How are video games good to play?

video games like gta are bad to play because they are corrupted but puzzle games are good to play

How do you record video games without lag?

a good camera, a good video game, and a good video game system

Should video games have modern uses for war?

Depends :P if the army sucks at video-games then no. but if they are good at video-games then yes.

What are the responsibilities of video game designer?

They design Video Games for testers to see if the game if it is a good game for video gamers that love good games like me.

Are video games good for kids?

Well it depends on what kind of video games are the kids playing with and how long you use the video games. Some types of video games are for kids not all.

What are good Video games?

Video games that are good have different gameplay for each level. Unique design. Good Graphics and online game play

Is violent video games good for you?


Do video games affect grades?

It ultimately depends on if you have a good memory for the subject, how good you are at revising & of course, how long you play video games for.

How can video games help you?

video games helps you improve your cognitive skills. As always, there has to be balance and specific video games that you have to play. Too much of everything is not good (violence) on video games should not be overexercised.