What are some good freeware games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i would say games such as : Video Games, online games, Itendo Ds, etc......

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Q: What are some good freeware games?
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Where can you download freeware games?

Gamehippohas website, has 100% freeware games without adware or spyware. Some are rather excellent too. Give it a try. Or you can check out Gamer's Database (see related link below). You can find freeware games for your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, freeware game reviews, screenshots and videos. Brothersoft has some and the rest are on thepiratebay(google this to find the link)

Is downloading games for free legal?

The answer depends on the game. There are many freeware and shareware games that are perfectly legal to download and play. Games that are sold in stores are usually not freeware or shareware.

Are MUGEN Games Freeware Games?

yes since Mugen games are not real games from companies or anything

Is Planescape Torment now Freeware?

No, it is not, but luckily Good Old Games has been licensed to release this hard-to-find game in their online store.

Is the R4 Nintendo DS game card illegal?

DS flashcards are illegal in some countries, the UK is one. In other countries it is legal as long as you use it for legal purposes such as homebrew software. For example, there are about 800 different freeware / home brew games and applications that are available for you if you have the r4 ds from various places which categorize and list all of the freeware ds games. Not all of them are great games, but a good many are... but then the same can be said about games you get for the DS from walmart - some rock, others...well...not so much.

Looking for a link to a good freeware or shareware site?

== ==

Am i able to use a webcam without having the software?

no but im sure you can find some good freeware out there and your computer should have come with some.

How do you get full PC games without torrents?

Stealingor buying them,or downloading full games that are freeware.

Where can a person download DeSmuME?

A person can download DeSmuME, which is a freeware emulator for Nintendo games, from several online sites. Some of these sites are "Sorceforge" and "Coolrom".

Is java freeware?

Yes its freeware.

Can you trust freeware?

Well some freeware applications are better than paid products. For example I get some PDF files at hand and I want to convert PDF to DWG files so that I can open and edit in AutoCAD and other popular engineering programs. I search PDF to DWG Freeware online and find it is really useful. So I trust freeware online.

What are Any good free proxies?

There is some interesting software like Glype,but recently the most popular andd top rated is Freegate. I am using it and it's pretty good. And Freeware !