Are video games good for kids?

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2018-03-21 15:49:49

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Well it depends on what kind of Video Games are the kids playing with and how long you use the video games. Some types of video games are for kids not all.

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2018-03-21 15:49:49
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Q: Are video games good for kids?
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Why are video game good for kids?

Video games are not good for kids. Even though im a kid,I dont think they are good for kids,but they play them for entertainment.its ok, but after 1 hour it can hurt your eyes.

Percentage of kids who participate in playing video games?

There are tons of good games out there now, so I would say over 75 percent of all the kids in the world play video games.

Which video games help kids learn?

There's a number of good games, but the Braniac games are very fun.

What are the best kids video games?

There are many good games out there that a person could buy their kids that are not violent. Portal 2 for example is a great puzzle game.

Do bad kids play video games?

Yes some bad kids do play video games but there are nice kids also.

Do kids get crazy from video games?


What is the percentage of kids who play video games in Noosa?

70% play video games

Is a video game a good gift for kids?

It depends on what video game it is and the discipline of the child. Video games can be educational and played in moderation it may be a valuable gift.

Do kids choose video games over homework?

Most kids would choose to play video games, instead of homework.

Are playing video games good for you?

Some video games can be good for precision and coordination exercises. Violent video games and games are not good for you. Video games that are entertaining can be a good way to relieve stress if played in moderation.

Why do kids play games?

Because Video Games are Awesome!

Can video games be good for you?

yes it can certain video games are good for you

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