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Q: Who wins in the battle ash or Kenny?
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Does dawn love Kenny off of Pokemon?

It is more hinted that Kenny likes dawn * which he does* but it is not certain dawn does but it is obvious they are very close as in episode 26 she flirts with him and she normally seems jelous when Kenny ignores her and talks to either ash or brock He likes her because he asked dawn that he was going to battle ash and if he wins dawn mit go on a journey with him. but she doen't she ends up watching ash in the sinnoh league. she leaves him a note and Kenny smiles, he then lookes up and sees dawn. but what gives it away is that he runs of and tells dawn that he has to tell her his feelings.

How many times did paul battle ash?

ash wins by a small margin and Paul just walks of saying nothing to ash

In pokemone is ash jealous of Kenny and dawn?

ash does not know Kenny has a crush on dawn so no. Also ash shows no signs of jeaulosy.

Who won Bugsy or Ash?

ash wins with cyndaquil

When was Kenny Battle born?

Kenny Battle was born on 1964-10-10.

How much is a Kenny Battle rookie card?

how much is a kenny battle rookie card

Does ash and Paul become friends?

yh it was on pkmon sinnoh league victors ash wins a battle between paul and himself and wat Cynthia sed 'when one life meets another something new will be born' tht is conectivity and paul bes nice to ash and they mite soon have a new battle

What is the episode called when ash battles Gary?

Ash and Gary's first on-screen Pokémon battle happens in the episode that is titled "The Rivalry Revival" in which Ash chooses his Pikachu to battle and Gary goes with his Eevee. Gary's Eevee wins the battle. The next battle Ash and Gary have happened in the episodes titled "The Ties That Bind" and "Can't Beat the Heat." "The Ties That Bind" and "Can't Beat the Heat" are episodes that take place during the Johto League's Silver Conference league tournament.

How do you battle Ash in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant battle ash in this game although you do battle red on mt silver

How do you battle ash in Pokemon Crystal?

you dont battle ash, instead you battle "red" on mt.Pire in the old region.

Do you battle ash in Pokemon platinum?

No, you don't battle Ash in Platinum unless you named your rival ash. Other than that, it is impossible.

When did Battle of Ash Hollow happen?

Battle of Ash Hollow happened on 1855-09-03.