How do you pay a debt in tom nook?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to the town hall. talk to the lady at the mail window. Say pay morgage.

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Q: How do you pay a debt in tom nook?
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How do you work for Tom Nook on Animal Crossing New Leaf?

This feature for working for Tom Nook is no longer available. You only pay his loans for your home.

What do you say to phyllis on animal crossing to get a bigger house?

Pay your debt entirely, then go ask Tom Nook for a bigger house. Neither Pelly nor Phyllis are involved in this.

Where do you go to upgrade your house after you pay off your debt in Animal Crossing Wild World?

Talk to Tom Nook in his store. If he isn't there, that means he is looking for you. He usually finds you first.

On welcome to animal crossing how do you pay off your debt to tom nook?

you just earn bells then pay it off in the post office/town hall earn bells by selling fruit,fishing and finding fossils.

What animal is tom nook?

Tom Nook is a Raccoon

In animals crossing city folk after paying of your debt to tom nook what do you do?

Talk to him. He should be in his shop. He will upgrade your house.

How much does Tom Nook pay you in Animal Crossing City Folk?

its according to what your selling

When was Tom Nook created?

Tom Nook was created in 2001.

What happens after you pay your final debt too nook in animal crossing city folk?

I believe that would be 598,000 bells or something, but Nook gives you a flag for your front door and tells you that you have no more debt and that he knew you could do it.

Can you marry tom nook on Animal Crossing?

no becuase who will like tom nook

What is tom nooks last name?

Bruh... Tom Nook is his full name... Nook is his last name, did you really think his first name was tom nook?

How much would a animal crossing character pay for pink roses?

Tom Nook will pay you 80 bells for pink roses.