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It all depends. If you want to train your strength very quickly, then the Saradomin Sword is what to use. If you're all about high hits and ownage, then you would probably go with the Bandos Godsword. However, as of 10/23/09, the Saradomin Sword is about 10M and the Bandos Godsword is about 27M. However, the Saradomin Sword is quite a bit faster.

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Q: Which weapon is better in runescape the saradomin sword or the bandos godsword?
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Runescape What is better non member full zamorak bandos saradomin aramdy?


In Runescape what would be better for Defence full Bandos or full Dragon?

bandos but dragon looks way cooler well if you want def bonus and dont want to repair its dragon but if you want strength bonus its bandos

What is the most powerful weapon in RuneScape?

The most powerful weapons of RuneScape technically is the Godswords. Bandos GS, Zamorak GS, Saradomin GS, and Armadyl GS. RuneScape guides and such say that AGS or Armadyl Godsword is the most powerful because it's special can hit under right conditions a 92. With Castle Wars Bracelet (in castle wars) I heard it can hit up to 103. Godswords all having the same stats including the mighty +132 strength bonus. It's just different hilts (Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl) With different abilites. Bandos GS can weaken a players defence by the number it hit, for example: If you hit a 35 on another player it will lower their defence level by 35, if their defence is 50 its now 15. Zamorak GS's special works like Ice Barrage (Ancient Magiks 94 mage req). It freezes the enemy for 20 Seconds no matter what you hit, even if you hit 1. Saradomin GS works like Guthan's but SGS restores a bit of your pray points too. Despite both Bandos and Zamorak's specials using 100% of the special bar. Saradomin and Armadyl GS's specs only use 50% so you can get in 2 hits! Saradomin GS is the best for training methods because it heals you for the amount the spec hits just like Guthans. If you hit 43 with SGS spec it will heal you 43 Hitpoints and some of your prayer points (if using prayer). Armadyl GS is mainly used for its accuracy for high hits. ALL SPECS CAN FAIL. Armadyl GS also uses 50% of the special bar. It is mainly a PKing weapon for KOing other players. If your mostly training and doing GWD or God Wars Dungeon, or even PKING SGS is for you. 75 Attack Pures will mainly use AGS because they are 1 defence and AGS is really accurate for those 1 def pures and most of the time will hit high. AGS is also known for the "2 hit KO" which I've seen a lot and I've done it myself. Before Godswords were released Abyssal Whip was leading in being the best weapon in game. For its speed, accuracy, and price. I still think that the Abby Whip is still the best weapon because for every 2-3 hits an Abyssal Whip hits you get 1 hit in with a Godsword. In my opinion if you're rich and picked up a Dragonic Visage or even have a DFS or DragonFire Sheild. Abyssal Whip and DragonFire Shield is better than a Godsword. For the price of the Abyssal Whip it is very convenient. Saradomin Sword is believed to be one of the best weapons in the game because it shared the same speed as a Whip or a D Scimi, and sharing the same strength bonus as the whip +82. Saradomin Sword is NOT A GODSWORD. Yes obtainable from GWD it is fairly cheaper and not as "strong" as the Godswords. It has a 2 hitting special which can even KO a player and 70 attack pures LOVE this weapon. It is the best weapon technically for training strength but not all players can afford or don't want to pay millions for it. Dragon Scimitar is also one of the best weapons in the game because of the popularity amongst it. Dragon Scimitar with its speed and accuracy and only required Monkey Madness quest done and 60 attack it is a great all-around weapon. It technically is the best Strength training weapon because its average price is 100k. +66 str bonus is really good. It is THE ULTIMATE WEAPON for 60 attack pures because they can combo with DDS or Dragon Claws. The best weapon is mainly based on the style of your character build.

What is better Saradomin or rune armor?

Saradomin armour, like all god armour (guthix - zamorak -saradomin) is just rune that's trimmed in a godly colour and symbol,EXEPT FOR THE FACT THAT...all god armour gets you the mercy of the god's in the God Wars - in other words, that particular god stops his minions from kicking your but to pieces!

Runescape which is better a battle axe or a scimmy?


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Runescape What is better non member full zamorak bandos saradomin aramdy?


In Runescape what would be better for Defence full Bandos or full Dragon?

bandos but dragon looks way cooler well if you want def bonus and dont want to repair its dragon but if you want strength bonus its bandos

In RuneScape which is better the abyssal whip with a rune defender or Dharok's greataxe?

It depends on what you're looking for. With the greataxe, you get a great amount of damage but a slow speed, although outdone by the godsword. The abyssal whip on the other hand, has a very good amount of damage, about as much as a Dragon 2h, and goes at a very good speed with quality accuracy. The godsword and abyssal whip are considered to be the best weapons in the game, so I recommend if you want a good weapon you do one of those, the godsword for the highest damage in the game, but slow speed, or the abyssal whip for good speed but medium-high damage. In my opinion if you want to get a godsword, you get the Saradomin Godsword, because it heals you and it has a medium price compared to the others and is considered a really good environment weapon, good in all cases.

What is the best god Armour in Runescape?

Bandos, considering it's high defense level along with Strength bonus, it is even considered better than Dragon Platebody.

What is the strongest amor in runescape?

I'd say bandos, for the defence and the great strength bonus it gives. Barrows armour is awesome, but it degrades. The more better the armour, the more costly it is.

Who is better saradomin or zamorak?

zamorak because he ownz saradomin zammy has cool weps while sara blesses peeps and the armour looks better

Where do you get bandos at?

You can buy Bandos equipment at the Grand Exchange. Players sometimes get Bandos items from General Graardor and his minions, in the God Wars Dungeon, but since they are rare drops, better don't count on it.

Which rune armor looks better?

Saradomin or Zamorak

What is Better Sara Sword Or Dragon 2h in Runescape?

Dragon 2h is cheaper, sara sword has same stats and speed as whip, but with an extra + 78 odd crush bonus, you choose.

Is void better than dragon?

depends if your maxing void is better but id use d boots with void and never use the void weapon i personally prefer bandos but drag and void is welfare and good my runescape name is OpTiC Sam

What is with the armadyl godsword on godzhell?

The Godzhell site developer made the perfect ring and the armadyl godsword to be the best equipment in the game but there will be even better ones then these

Is RuneScape better then funorb?

Yea runescape is the funest. Runescape is better than funorb