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bandos but dragon looks way cooler

well if you want def bonus and dont want to repair its dragon but if you want strength bonus its bandos

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Q: In Runescape what would be better for Defence full Bandos or full Dragon?
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What is the strongest amor in runescape?

I'd say bandos, for the defence and the great strength bonus it gives. Barrows armour is awesome, but it degrades. The more better the armour, the more costly it is.

What is the best god Armour in Runescape?

Bandos, considering it's high defense level along with Strength bonus, it is even considered better than Dragon Platebody.

Runescape What is better non member full zamorak bandos saradomin aramdy?


Are dragon boots any good in runescape?

Yes, dragon boots are the fourth best melee boots in Runescape. Steadfast boots, Torva boots and Bandos boots are all better melee boots than dragon boots. Dragon boots are a very cheap alternative to those boots, as they can be very expensive and dragon boots are very cheap.

Runescape is dragon better than torag?

Torags makes Dragon almost Obsolete in terms of defence. The down side is tha Torags is Barrows, meaning it degrades.

Is void better than dragon?

depends if your maxing void is better but id use d boots with void and never use the void weapon i personally prefer bandos but drag and void is welfare and good my runescape name is OpTiC Sam

What is the best armour and weapon you can have on rune scape if you have 80 strength 80 attack and 80 defence?

the best strength bonus armour for you would be, rune defender, dragon battleaxe or abyssal whip, helm of neitiznot or berserker helm, dragon boots, barrows gloves, amulet of strength but amulet of fury gives more bonus at the cost of -2 compared to the amulet of strength, berserker ring, fire cape if you can get one, bandos chestplate or fighter torso if you can afford a bandos chestplate it has better defence bonus but same strength bonus as fighter torso and bandos tassets for the leg slot. that would be the best strength bonus for your level there are actually better weapons for people with LARGE amounts of money. like the godswords. but the cheapest one is something like 39m i believe

In runescape What is better rune chainmail or Adam platebody?

rune chainmail overall, but the adamant platebody has better stab defence.

Which weapon is better in runescape the saradomin sword or the bandos godsword?

It all depends. If you want to train your strength very quickly, then the Saradomin Sword is what to use. If you're all about high hits and ownage, then you would probably go with the Bandos Godsword. However, as of 10/23/09, the Saradomin Sword is about 10M and the Bandos Godsword is about 27M. However, the Saradomin Sword is quite a bit faster.

Should you get Guthix platelegs or Granite legs on RuneScape?

Guthix legs, they have better defence in everything but ranged.

Is jade dynasty better than RuneScape?

runescape becase unlike runescape its multi player and on runescape it not so much to be a member unlike dragon fabe. i use to dragon fabel. so i thought it was fun but when i found runescape i left dragon fabel and on runescape you get more stuff

Which is better dragon or barrows?

You need a higher level of defence to wear barrows. Therefore, I think Barrows is better.