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In veilstone city GO DOWN and u will meet some beauty girl, use the vs seeker and when she rematches you, she has 1 wormadam

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Q: Which trainer has wormadam in Pokemon diamond?
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What Pokemon is no.46 on Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find this Pokemon in the wild, you have to evolve a female burmy at lv.20. Or you can try the GTS.

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 46 on diamond pokedex?

Wormadam It can be found in Route 214 A Trainer that's a girl with blonde hair (Behind a fence Easy to avoid Her)

Will wormadam anybody trade you wormadam on Pokemon diamond?


What is Pokemon 46 on Pokemon Diamond?


Where do you find Pokemon numbe 46 on Pokemon diamond?

Pokemon #46 is on route 214 an there is a girl trainer that is a beauty based one and she has blond hair, she wll have a wormadam.

Which trainer has a Wormadam on Pokemon platinum?

There is a trainer south of veilstone city that's a girl in front of some grass facing east she has a Wormadam.

Who is Sandy Cloak Wormadam in Pokemon?

Sandy Cloak Wormadam is found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is a bug Pokemon with an overcoat.

Where is there a trainer with wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

you go to route 215

Where can you find a trainer with a Wormadam in Pokemon platinum?

Route 214

What trainer uses Wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer who uses a Wormadam in "Pokémon Platinum" is named Devon who is within Route 214.

What is Pokemon 46 in diamond?

on the sinnoh pokedex its the Pokemon wormadam

Diamond Pokedex 46?

it is wormadam and can be found on route 214 in a trainer's party.