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you go to route 215

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Q: Where is there a trainer with wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?
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What trainer uses Wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer who uses a Wormadam in "Pokémon Platinum" is named Devon who is within Route 214.

Where can you find a trainer with a Wormadam in Pokemon platinum?

Route 214

Which trainer has a Wormadam on Pokemon platinum?

There is a trainer south of veilstone city that's a girl in front of some grass facing east she has a Wormadam.

Were do you find a trainner with number 46 on Pokemon platinum?

46 is Wormadam. A trainer within Route 214 has 1.

Where do you see a trainer in platinum that has a wormadam?

on route 214 there is a beauty that ONLY has wormadam GOOD LUCK

Where do you see wormadon in Pokemon platinum?

A female trainer on the route south of veilstone city have three wormadam's from all cloaks.

What trainer has a wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

If you go down from Veilstone city and go to route 214 there will be a girl and she will have 3 wormadams.

What is Pokemon 046 in Pokemon Platinum?

Wormadam, the only way to get it is to level a FEMALE Burmy to level 20. Theirs a trainer with three in between Veilstone and Pastoria In vailstone city head down to where the fat trainer is and there is a girl after him with all 3 forms of Wormadam.

Which Pokemon is number 46 in Pokemon Platinum?


What is no 46 on Pokemon platinum pokedex?


Where do you see a wormadam in Pokemon platinum?

on route 214

How do you evolve womadam in Pokemon platinum?

Wormadam does not evolve.