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I believe they all have the same stats. You should decide for yourself which color you like best; whether you want to go for the cheapest, which is easier to afford; or whether you want the most expensive (Saradomin), just to show off!

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Q: Which is cooler guthix zamorak or sara armour set in runescape?
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What is the best god armor in runescape?

God armour is only for looks. Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, and the normal armour are all Equal. I would rather like zamorak though.

RuneScape god armor cost?

There isn't an armour called ''god armour'' But if you mean Zamorak Saradomin and Guthix,you can log in and check.

How do you get a guthix godsword?

i am sorry but there is no such thing as guthix godsword in runescape but the is guthix armour but no guthix godsword

Where is guthix in RuneScape?

Guthix Melee Armour / Robes / D-Hide Set can all be obtained from Treasure Trials ( Clue Scrolls). As for Book Of Balance ( Guthix Prayer Book ) you need to complete Horror From the deep quest and choose green book at the end. Dude hes asking WHERE is guthix... Guthix is not located in runescape same with saraodmin and zamorak they are jsut gods created by Jagex.

Runescape Do you lose Armour playing fist of guthix?


Where are the gods in rune

I assume you are talking about RuneScape? The gods are, Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak

Does zamorak armour give any melee bonuses?

Not trying to be a loser here or anything . . . But just try it out , buy full Zamorak , Guthix and Saradomin and see .

Who is strongest zamorak guthix or saradomin?

guthix .lol

On runescape which is more Zamorak Guthix or guilded?

Guilded is the most, Zammy is the second, and Guth is the least. Guilded is rune armor that looks gold. Zamorak is red- trimmed. Everyone knows that Guthix is green- trimmed. Gold- trim is the cheapest of all.

What is the best thing to merch in runescape?

Partyhats or any rune armor.(guthix, saradomin-lots of money if merched, zamorak)

Can you get guthix items for free in non members in runescape?

The only Guthix items in RuneScape f2p is the Guthix rune armour. The only way you could get these items for free are via gift, drop party, or player killing.

Is saradomin armor members?

No they can be obtained by non members but they are esear to get if you are a member on RS A non-member can buy it, and use it. The same for Guthix and Zamorak armour.