Whats the best god on RuneScape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no best god, any sensible runescape player would know that they are all the same.

Saradomin - Good

Guthix - Neither Good nor Bad

Zamorak - Evil

Bandos- Power

Armydil- Flight

Zaros- Ancient God

But if u want to know then its is like this

1.Guthix-he stopped all gods with his power and is confirmed by Jagex to be the strongest.

2.Zaros-was strongest of second Age(not counting guthix)

3.Saradomin and Zamorak-both are equal

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Q: Whats the best god on RuneScape?
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armadyl god sword for two handed weapons and abyssal whip for a single handed weapon

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God ardaly

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they are all equally strong spells, but I prefer Claws of Guthix.

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the god of saradomina

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Around 2.3 Billion GP

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