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burnout dominator

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Q: Which game is newer burnout revenge or burnout dominator?
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What was the game before burnout paradise?

Burnout dominator came out before burnout paradise. Burnout revenge was later recreated, but was not the last burnout game before burnout paradise.

Which game is better burnout revenge or burnout dominator?

burnout dominater because it has more cars and its a whole diffrent game experence I may have to say Revenge. I had Dominator and i finished it 100% Gold medals and all. It was waaayyy to short. Burnout Revenge has better graphics, more modes and a easier boosting system. If you are thinking of getting either, get Burnout 3!!!!!!

What game is better Burnout Dominator or burnout legends?

It depends on which system you are playing on. i have mine for the psp and i recommend Burnout Legends.

Which game came out first burnout paradise or burnout revenge?

burnout revenge came out first

Is burnout revenge a good game?


Is burnout revenge and burnout 3 is game or different games?

They're different games.

Where can you download burnout revenge PC game for free?

abongo deskto

What is the next burnout game?

Burnout 6 is likely the 8th game in the Burnout Series. This game has been confirmed as a project that EA is producing, but the game has not officially been announced for any given platform. It is unknown if the game will be a proper sequel, a mid-chapter entry to tide fans over until the arrival of the inevitable Burnout 6 (as was the case with Burnout Dominator), or an alternate console version of the game series. Also, it is unknown what platforms this specific game will be released on. There is hardly any information on the game itself, however more is sure to come in the future. I would imagine next year or the year after

Where could one find guides for the video game Burnout Revenge?

The Xbox Achievement Guide offers many tips and hints on unlocking each achievement offered in the Burnout Revenge racing game. Guides are also available on the IGN Wiki, Gamespot and Games radar.

What is the name of the latest Burnout game?

The last burnout game was burnout crash, but it was not a proper burnout game, and was a spin off of the burnout series. The last actual burnout game was burnout paradise.

Is NFS Burnout revenge better than Burnout Paradise?

Burnout Paridise has more realistic car damage, and the race types are really well planned. You can idmediatly go into driving once you start the game. Need for Speed Undercover has more feacures and modes online. It has a greater variaty of cars, and you can do missions. The better game depends on your taste in what you want. If you like destruction and high end fun, go with Paridise. If you want to humilate your friends, and have more ways to earn cash, go with Undercover.

What is the latest burnout game?

The very last burnout game was burnout crash, which was a spin-off based on burnouts crash mode, and is an arcade, top-view game. The last actual burnout game was burnout paradise.