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no way

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Q: Does the PlayStation 3 Snakebyte turbo controller support the Auto Fire function?
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Does the SnakeByte Premium PlayStation 3 wired controller support sixaxis motion-sensing?

Yes, the SnakeByte Premium Playstation 3 wired controller does support the six axis motion sensing.

Do you need the playstation move to play Aragorn's Quest?

No, but the game will support the PS3 Move Controller

Does the PlayStation 2 support two or four controllers?

The Playstation 2 console has two slots for plugging in controllers however an accessory controller multi tap hub allows connection of four.

Which call of duty is compatible with PlayStation move?

No, you can not. A PS3 Move controller is required for all PS3 move exclusive games and the Dual Shock 3 will work on the Move Compatible games that work with both systems as well as the other not move PS3 games Some games do allow you to use the Dual Shock 3 Controller in place of the Move navigational controller and with the Move Controller

Does the Playstation 3 play older Playstation 2 and Playstation games?

Current model Playstation 3's only support backwards compatibility for original Playstation games. Playstation 2 backwards compatibility has been removed from the systems and Sony has stated they have no plans to bring it back, although older launch model Playstation 3's include this function.

Does the Playstation 2 support HDMI output?

No, the Playstation 2 does not have an HDMI port. However, the Playstation 3 does support HDMI output.

How many games support the Xbox 360 controller as a dedicated PC controller?

Currently, 74 games support the Xbox 360 controller as a dedicated PC controller.

Will the PlayStation 4 support recent PlayStation consoles' games?

No it will only support PS4 games

Does modern warfare 2 PC support ps3 controller?

No, Modern Warfare 2 on PC doesn't support the PS3 Controller.

How do you emulate PlayStation games with PCSX2?

PCSX2 does not support PlayStation emulation. That's what PCSX is for.

Can I play old Playstation I games on my new Playstation console?

Yes both the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 models support backwards compatibility of original Playstation system games.

What does PlayStation Network support do?

Provides information to help with problems using the PlayStation platform and a location to ask questions that can be answered by other Playstation users